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Why you must be an ARZA member


Here are some important points for Progressive Jews to consider as to why it is critical to join ARZA:

1. ARZA membership numbers directly relate to allocation of funds to our institutions, including ARZENU (the parent of ARZA), the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ, our parent body) and Netzer Olami.

2. Donations to Israel for land purchases were collected from Jews from around the world. Most donors would not have been Ultra-Orthodox, but Progressive: Reform, Conservative and secular. These donations were invested in property in Israel.

3. KKL, which received those donations, is now a major property owner in Israel. It owns malls, office buildings and factories. Those Blue Box donations have produced a miracle.

4. Every year, KKL distributes large sums to a variety of organisations, including Netzer Olami (Netzer’s organising body), ARZA Olami (ARZA’s organising body) and IMPJ (our sister organisation in Israel). Without these grants, those bodies would not be able to effectively operate.

5. Israel is the only country in the world in which its Diaspora has a real voice, and this is through the World Zionist Congress (WZC). The WZC has a real say in the allocation of funds each year from KKL.

6. The Israeli Government listens carefully to resolutions from the WZC, and resolutions have a direct impact on issues in Israel which affect our Movement. It is critical to us that our views on issues, such as settlements, the status of our rabbis, support for Progressive congregations and religious rights of women be heard.

7. Unless we are properly represented at the WZC, it will be dominated by Orthodox voices. In addition, key  appointments will be dominated by Orthodox appointees and they will pursue a narrow Orthodox agenda.

8. In that case, grants from KKL, funded by its property holdings, will go exclusively to Orthodox causes and this will be a disaster for the IMPJ, Netzer Olami and ARZA. Our institutions in Israel will be decimated.

9. How do we stop this from happening? The answer is so simple: The more members of ARZA we have, the greater the composition of Progressive voices in the WZC.

10. Reading through the above points, you will see that for the simple process of as many Progressive Jews joining ARZA as possible, there will be huge leverage on our voice in Israel and in funding to our institutions.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN ARZA NOW!   Call 0420 973 909

Congratulations to new Japanese emperor

The Union for Progressive Judaism is grateful to the Rabbinic Council of Australian, New Zealand and Asian Progressive Rabbis for preparing a statement of congratulations to the new emperor of Japan, which was sent to the Japanese ambassador to Australia. Click on "Read More" to view the statement

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Attack on San Diego synagogue

The Union for Progressive Judaism and the Rabbinic Council of Australian, New Zealand and Asian Progressive Rabbis are devastated by yet another attack on a house of worship, this time on the Chabad Centre in Poway, California. To read the statement they issued, click on Read More.

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My Good News dated 10/11 May 2019

My Good News, column by Roger Mendelson from the UPJ Weekly News & Drash (10/11 May 2019)

Only one generation ago, our communities were almost entirely physical. The congregation had a synagogue building and, as a member, you probably knew most of the regulars, at least by sight.

There was comfort in seeing familiar faces. It was very much a shtetl community. 

Now our community is not just our city our country, but our region … and then some.

This was beautifully illustrated in the last several weeks. 

Tragedy befell Rabbi Nathan Alfred of UHC Singapore and his wife Shelly, when their infant son, Noam became ill. He required extensive surgery and this is ongoing.

Their community is not just United Hebrew Congregation in Singapore. He also serves, on a voluntary basis, several other Asian communities, so they formed part of his community.

UHC set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help with the escalating medical bills. Their insurance did not cover the situation.

In a flash, we all became their community.

Concerned people from around our region , almost instantly, responded.

They responded not just with money but with their heart and in their prayers.

Prayers were offered not just in their home community, but in over 30 congregations and chaverot (friendship groups). 

This is a really heart-warming story. The family still need our support and prayers, but the very fact that they know that they are far from being alone will make this journey a much easier one for them. 

Please pray for Noam’s return to full health. 

In addition to prayers for his full recovery, our Progressive family can help in a funding campaign to assist with the massive financial burden. You can donate in two ways:

One click with your credit card, and the Rabbi and his family are aware of the donation; only he and his family have access to these funds: https://www.gofundme.com/support-rabbi-and-family

Bank transfer to the Jewish Welfare Board of Singapore
Account name: Jewish Welfare Board
Account number: 033-009795-6
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 033
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Branch: Raffles City Branch
Mailing address: JWB, 24 Waterloo St, Singapore 18795
Please follow up with an email (enquiries@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
to ensure your donation is marked "Rabbi Nathan Donation"

Prayers and assistance needed

Rabbi Nathan and Shelly Alfred (United Hebrew Congregation of Singapore) are going through a most trying time. Their six-month-old son has undergone complicated kidney and brain surgeries. His treatment is ongoing and will include more surgery and extensive medical treatment. In addition to prayers for his full recovery, our Progressive family can help in a funding campaign to assist with the massive financial burden. You can donate in two ways:

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