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Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue

People at Old City Jerusalem

Our Etz Chayim logo aptly depicts the name of our community: an עץ החיים, Etz Chayim, a ‘Tree of Life’, a profound Jewish symbol representing wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty and hope.

Firmly planted on the landscape we have created, our Etz Chayim logo speaks of connection generation to generation; warmth and acceptance; inclusiveness and strength.

Our roots, deep and strongly embedded in our people, history and heritage, provide the grounding for our robust trunk which branches out to a wider community and vision of life as we continue to grow.

And just like this vigorous, healthy tree provides shelter and sustenance to those in need, so too does our community regardless of whether that need is physical, emotional, social or spiritual.

The fresh blossoms on our tree’s logo signify new hope and opportunity, and the ripe pomegranates, lessons and gifts from the past, are ready to be plucked and enjoyed by new generations.

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